16th SPS SGP SSP Conference
September 09-11, 2019 | Bern

Psychology’s Contribution to Society


For environmental reasons we will not hand-out bags to carry the name tag and the programme overview. In case you need a bag for these, please bring one. Thank you for your understanding.

Welcome to the 16th SPS SGP SSP Conference in Bern

Psychological research makes many important contributions to society — including advancing responsible decision making and action, supporting development throughout the life span, improving healthy living and personal strengths, as well as peaceful living together across diverse groups and ethnicities. Improving competencies in use of modern technologies is a further important endeavour in our digitalizing world. At the basis of these various contributions lies an ever more refined understanding of who we are as human beings.

Psychology’s Contribution to Society

The 16th conference of the Swiss Psychological Society will bring together researchers from the various areas of psychology to exchange their newest findings. The theme of this year’s conference “Psychology’s Contribution to Society” will highlight how basic and applied psychological science can add to successful societal development. We therefore encourage symposium, talk, and poster submissions that speak to psychology’s beneficial effects to society. The goal of the conference is to show how psychological research can make a difference.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Bern!
The Organizing Committee
Thomas Berger, Alex Bertrams, David Buttelmann (chair), Achim Elfering, Simone Ingold, Janek Lobmaier, Carolyn Morf, Niamh Oeri (co-chair), Bilge Sayim